John Martens


Operations Manager

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Other information

Other information:
  • Three operational staff members hold a NJDEP C-4 collection system license,  and two hold NJDEP C-3 collection system licenses.    One also holds an S-4 Sewage Treatment License
  • One staff member is a Qualified Purchasing Agent (QPA)
  • Two staff members have worked with the USEPA in developing and Beta Testing their SSOAP Toolbox including attending workshops in Edison and Virginia
  • Built an in-house flow meter calibration table for checking meter accuracy
  • One member is a certified CPR and First Aid Instructor and is fully qualified in Emergency Management Coordination
  • All staff members have presented papers at NJ Water Environment Association Educational Seminars
  • The staff, at the request of the USEPA, provided training for the Virgin Islands sewer operations and regulatory personnel
  • Three staff members are part of the 2 time champion NJWEA Operations Challenge team that has represented NJ at the National WEF Conference
  • Three staff members were part of the NJWEA Operations Challenge team that won the Collection System Repair Event at the 2000 National WEF Conference.    They defeated 26 teams from across the United States and Canada.
  • Recognized as the 2010 NJWEA Collection System Award Recipient.