Rob Villee



Executive Director

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Other information

Other information:
  • Holds a C-4 collection system license, S-4 Sewage Treatment License, and an N-2 Industrial Treatment License.
  • Chair (2010-2012) of the WEF national Collections System Committee (CSC)
  • Member of The CSC Government Affairs Task Force
  • Commented on Numerous regulatory issues including the USEPA Significant Non-compliance Regulation, Sewer RTK legislation
  • CSC Representative as 1 of 7 National Stakeholders reviewing the USEPA STREAMS Task Order #59 “Condition Assessment for Wastewater Collection Systems”
  • WEF CSC Representative, author and reviewer in the WEF/NACWA Joint project entitled “Core Attributes of Effectively Managed Wastewater Collection Systems”
  • Reviewer for USEPA “Evaluation of Controlled Condition Testing Needs for Water and Wastewater Piping” report
  • 1 of 4 NJWEA Members selected by the USEPA Region 2 to inspect the collection system and pump stations in the US Virgin Islands
  • Reviewer for the WEF/ABC Collection Systems Operators' Guide to Preparing for the Certification Examination
  • Presented with the 2000 Environmental Quality Award from the USEPA, Region 2
  • Presented with the 2000 NJWEA - Central Section Executive Award
  • Presented with the 2002 NJWEA Public Education Award
  • Presented with the 2003 WEF Bedell Award for Service to the Organization
  • Member of the Quarter Century Operators Club
  • Presenter at NJWEA and WEF Conferences
  • Presented with the 1998 NJWEA Collection System Award
  • Served as Federation Director on the WEF Board of Governance 1998-2000 as the Region 1 PWO Director
  • Served on the NJWEA Executive Committee 1996-2001
  • Served on the NJWEA Technology Transfer Seminar, Public Education and Collection System Committees
  • Former Chair of the NJWEA Operations Challenge Committee

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